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5X Your Sales & Launch Successful Life Insurance Ads In Seconds!

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Our Click To Launch Makes it easy for any life insurance agent to run a lead-generating campaign on Social Media ... Even If You’re Not a "Techy Marketer"

Fast Action Connections With Leads and Clients

  • Import All Past Leads, Contacts, and Leads From All Lead Vendors
  • Power Through Dial Day With The Power Dialer
  • Send Bulk Texts, Emails, Automated Calls, and Voicemail drops
Texting and calling life insurance leads
Booked appointments for life insurance agents

Generate Appointments And Sales On Demand

  • Campaigns built to convert fresh and aged leads into conversations that lead to sales
  • Pre-built campaigns are directly integrated with your campaigns and the AI, Toby.
  • Automate retention campaigns to keep in touch with clients. Keep more policies on the books and generate new referrals

Click To Launch

Life Insurance Ads

  • Hand Pick Proven Life Insurance Ads for Mortgage Protection, Life Insurance, and Final Expense
  • Anyone can launch ads within seconds

You're either overpaying for ad management or working through an outdated FB ad course. You now can access Ad Management quality lead generation within seconds of logging in!

Pro Agent


Setup fee $175


  • AD CRM
  • Power-Dialer (Phone Number Verification)
  • Eliza Auto-Booking
  • Click To Launch
  • SMS & Email Drip Campaigns
  • Phone App Power-Dialer

Successful insurance agents have a killer work ethic...

You're out there grinding, hustling, and killing it, but you don't want to burn out and you're praying there's a better way to build your business and save yourself hours of time...

I see you.

You’re sick of letting leads slip through the cracks, having to manually make 300-500 dials on your dial days, and not being able to have the work/life balance you really want.

You're already buying leads, putting in the hard work, but you're hoping there's something that will help take you to the next level without having to double your weekly lead order.

And you know that if you could just find a way to get a little more juice out of your leads, automate client retention, and double your close ratio, you’ll finally be able to grow the insurance business you’ve always dreamed of having...

From The Desk Of the Author:

Forrest Adsit

Why have I and other life insurance agents struggle keeping up with the the grind and hustle of the industry.

Most are STUCK…unwilling to adapt to the modern (proven) way of growing and managing their Pipeline with Hot & Aged Leads…

Stubbornly leaving behind what could’ve been the one chance at prosperity.

Do they ENJOY the time spent away from family and friends attending appointments the might not answer the door?

Do they CRAVE that missed family outing.. or that appointment across town that (might…) get them just 1 new policy?

Do they like sitting in an empty office waiting, hoping, praying the phone will ring? Or worse calling out to old instant internet leads database...

My guess is a resounding NO.

They don’t take any pleasure in these things whatsoever.

They just don’t know what they don’t know. They haven’t had anyone to ACTUALLY guide them through the process. (Thanks Up-line!)

The process of getting clients (100’s) signing up for a spot on their schedule.

The process of getting them to actually show up to their appointment (phone or in-person).

And the PROVEN way to convert those appointments and leads to actual policies closed…

Wouldn’t it be nice to say goodbye to Cold Calling, Cold Door Knocking, No Show Appointments, and the old instant internet leads FOR GOOD?

Automate Nurturing And Follow-Up

  • Proven pre-built campaigns to generate responses from texts and emails
  • 12 month drip nurture sequences continue to reach out
  • Prospects reply back and are booked by the AI, Toby. Toby will also introduce you to the prospect calling.

Finally A Plug & Play System That Gives Life Insurance Agents

Exclusive, TCPA Compliant & Affordable Leads

When it comes to working with online leads. It's important to understand expectations for those leads. Most online lead's no matter the source convert between 1-3%.

So why spend $1,000 on 100 leads to close 3 policies? When you could spend $800 on 1,000 leads and close 30 policies?

Power Dialer

Dial days just got shorter! Make hundreds of calls in half the time. Closing over the phone or setting appointments just got easier with our power dialer. Easily manage your calls and your call tracking!

Pipeline Management

Keep track of who needs to be closed and who's been closed even easier. Our Automation and AI helps move leads to the correct stage in the pipeline.

Eliza AI Booking

Our Eliza AI is here to help you have quality conversations with prospects and book them directly onto your calendar.

It’s like having your own personal assistant who never takes lunch or clocks out!

Power Dialer For Powerful Dial Days

Save hours of manually dialing leads using our built-in power dialer.

  • All leads (even imported leads) can be placed in the queue for calling
  • Call and connect with leads fast and stay organized
  • Call based on lead age, call times and callbacks

Mobile App

Download directly from your app store

  • Manage appointments, contact info, and pipeline status of leads and clients
  • Full Communication access to your clients. Including being able to use the power dialer through your mobile device!
  • Get real-time notifications of new hot leads coming into the pipeline. Setup call forwarding to coming straight to your mobile phone.

Fast Action Connection With Life Leads and Clients

Track all texts, emails, phone calls, Facebook messages, and voicemails in one place

  • See all incoming & outgoing responses
  • Maintain high-priority communications, quickly respond, mark them as complete, and move on.

And what happens if you do take advantage of AD CRM?

Most likely, the same thing that’s happened with so many of our other agents:

More free time with family, more time to build your team, more sales, and an overall better work/life balance.

We know what it costs just to set this type of system up. 100s of hours of personal headaches, sweat, and tears plus spending thousands on developers and courses.

Learn from our experience and take advantage of our amazing offer today. Because we're only getting better.



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Why, How, and What Is First-Party Data?

December 21, 20224 min read

Why, How, and What is First-Party Data?

Using first-party data for digital marketing is becoming increasingly important for companies of all sizes. First-party data gives businesses valuable insights about their customers, which can be used to create targeted marketing campaigns and improve the user experience.

What is First-Party Data?

First-party data is information that a business collects directly from users, such as through website visits or interactions with other digital properties.

This data belongs to the company and is unique to them – no other business has access to it. Examples of first-party data include customer purchase and browsing histories, online reviews, feedback surveys, emails, and website analytics.

By combining this data with third-party sources, businesses can gain a more comprehensive view of their consumers.

Why Use First-Party Data?

First-party data offers several key benefits for digital marketers that other types of data cannot provide as effectively.

The most important advantage is its accuracy and reliability; since the information comes directly from your customers, it’s much more likely that it will reflect their actual behavior and interests accurately.

Additionally, since first-party data belongs solely to you, the privacy concerns associated with using third-party sources are eliminated.

Finally, first-party data offers granular insights about individual customers and their interactions with your products or services over time; this allows you to craft highly personalized campaigns tailored to their specific interests or needs.

How To Use First Party Data For Digital Marketing.

Utilizing first party data in your digital marketing efforts requires an organized approach in order to ensure that you are collecting meaningful insights about every segment of your customer base as well as maximize the ROI for each campaign you launch.

Here are some key steps you should follow:

1) Identify Your Goals – Before you begin collecting any type of customer information it’s important to have clear objectives in mind so that you know what metrics are relevant for tracking progress towards those goals.

For example if one of your main objectives is acquiring new customers than metrics such as web traffic or conversion rate would be more meaningful than social media followers or brand mentions when measuring success later on down the line.

Identifying specific goals ahead of time will help focus your efforts towards gathering relevant trends within your customer base so that every decision be backed by sound analytical reasoning instead of guesswork alone..

2) Consolidate & Analyze Data - Once you have identified what type of metrics will be used for tracking success then it’s time start consolidating those into one centralized database where patterns can be identified across all different types of customers whether they be current buyers or potential ones still in the research phase prior purchase decisions.

This is done by organizing all records according browsing activities on websites as well past purchases made through an eCommerce store – whatever platform happens specific to each company and analyzing these behaviors with AI or machine learning algorithms detect patterns amongst them .

This step also involves weeding out inaccurate surveying collection from poor quality sources like scripts sites which might otherwise skew online segmentation strategies later down they line if left unchecked during early stages

3) Implement & Monitor Targeted Campaigns - After identifying trends amongst different segments within customer base next step involves actually implementing targeted campaigns based upon those findings.

Whether this means sending personalized emails offering discounts bundles certain products actively promoting content associated along similar area interests can help better engage prospective buyers importantly optimize return investments being made quickly easily because market messaging already resonates more accurately tie into needs/wants many consumers than generic blasts sent out even greater segmentation areas using social media tools search retargeting techniques keep track conversions performance metrics updating Theorem overall course strategy order increase value further results obtained.

Bring It Together

Great digital marketing focuses not just on creating attractive promotions but also leveraging available resources obtain maximum impact from efforts With help first party company can do both simultaneously optimizing approaches point where costs take precedence over gains generated most efficient way possible!

By assessing understanding what audience wants crafting messaging around only good lead higher sales profitable bottom lines without having sacrifice piece mutual trust established along relationship brand grows over time.

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Founder & CEO of Adsit Digital & Pixel Fox


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